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Need a new one?

We can supply most technology products including

Laptops, Tablets, Desktops, Phones, Projectors 

Broken Macbook 

Need a repair?

We know what it's like, things get broken from time to time.

Which is why we are a repair agent for most computers, tablets and phones. 


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Cloud Services?

We can assist your business to better utilise cloud based services, saving money on traditional server hardware in most cases.  

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People respond to visuals, what better way to get across your message than with a short promotional video. We then have the skills to help you promote your video using the web and social media!


We are here to help. Phone us on 0508 229 8324

or drop your device into our office for a quote.





We are here to help. Phone us on 0508 229 8324.

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